What To Look For When Hiring a Garden Design or Construction Company

bridge-53769_640The garden is a place for family and friends to gather. If you are planning to remodel your garden, hiring a good garden designer or construction company is important for a satisfied result.

Every designer or company has its own specialty and knowing who fits you best will save a lot of money and time. It will also be a pleasing working experience for both of the parties. Here’s how to look for garden designer or construction company.


Experience makes a designer unique. Even if a designer will offer you a very cheap price but have limited experience, you may not get the garden you wish for. If you are particular with details and structures, hiring an experienced garden designer will save you a lot of time and energy. You can ask a friend with a beautiful garden to recommend a contractor or simply go to a local directory and look for companies with long track record.


Once you have compiled a list of potential garden designers, you need to at least have a short interview with them. This is to check their garden design portfolio and see how well they are at dealing with clients.

If they are just showcasing new installations and not the previous work, this is not a good sign. It is also a good time to observe if they take time to listen to your ideas and vision about your future garden.

If he is able to provide valuable feedback, it shows he is interested in helping you achieve a beautiful garden. Ask for his opinions about certain materials and garden designs. This way you can understand his perspective and concepts about gardening. Don’t forget to ask about the budget if they are going to work for you.


Recommendations from family and friends are a good start but still ask for references from other clients. A good company will give you references from their previous clients. If possible, try to visit their previous work to see how well they have design the gardens. Do not be afraid in asking questions from these clients so you can able to see the pros and cons of your future garden designer.

List Down

If you have ideas and plans about your garden, always list it down. And when the time comes for you to look for designer, you are able to `discuss the elements. Materials, lighting, plants, etc., are just few aspects of that must be discuss to see how feasible your garden will be.


Once you have decide the designer, you will need to talk about  the blueprint of your garden. Other designer will visit your garden before they can create new design for your garden. You need to ask the garden designer to produce sketches to put the idea in place. Along the way, there will be changes from the main plan but make sure the change will not be drastic.

Garden designer can boost the comfort and beauty of your garden. Family and friends will surely enjoy the new garden. It will be a great place for bonding and relaxation.